Every organization's working depends on the infrastructure that the company is having. Basically infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function. It can be generally defined as the set of interconnected structural elements that provide framework supporting an entire structure of development.

When it comes to land we have sufficient land for our smooth working. We own 3100 sq.mt land in the best industrial area of Meerut. Every buyer can connect with us easily.

We are having up to date plant and machinery with us so that we can provide good quality printing and packaging items to our customers.

We have all in house facility with us from pre-press to post-press.

We have traditional pre-press equipments that helps in converting negative to printing plate.

We are also having the modern technology for pre press that is famously known as CTP which means Compute Computer-to-plate.

(CTP) is a newer technology that allows the imaging of metal or polyester plates without the use of film. Eliminating the stripping, compositing, and traditional plate making processes, CTP revolutionized the printing industry and led to reduced prepress times, lower costs of labor, and improved print quality.

Thermal CTP has the added bonus of utilizing binary exposure, which limits the risk of under or overexposure, and makes it possible to work under yellow light.
Equipments in our pre-press :

  • HEIDELBERG Suprasetter a106 (CTP)
  • Traditional pre press set up

Press is the place where your imagination finally comes to the paper. We use offset sheetfed press for printing requirements. We are having latest technology in our press and we are using all major brand offset machines. Like Heidelberg,Germany ; adast, Chicago ;planeta super variant,Germany ; akiyama , Japan

Our Assets :

  • HEIDELBERG SM-74 4        20x30  -4 colours
  • HEIDELBERG SM-102 8P        28x40 -8 colours
  • PLANETA SUPER VARIANT CPC        28x40-4colours
  • PLANETA SUPER VARIANT VCVD        28x40 -4colours
  • AKIYAMA (2NOS)        25x38 -4colours
  • AKIYAMA HI-ACE        28x40 -2colours

Post press is the place where your imagination take place into different shape and size that you want to see your product.

In post press product take final shape. It gets ready for dispatch.

While some printing jobs are delivered as printed, most printing is usually not complete until it is converted into a "finished" product. Post press includes various types of finish work such as trimming, embossing, foiling, die-cutting, scoring, folding and bindery.

Post press checking can include:

Embossing : Defects that are commonly checked for are un-sharp edges, pinholes, ruptures and "halos" (shadows around the emboss).

Foil stamping : Defects to be avoided are feathering, color changes, scuffing, peeling and un-sharp edges.

Die-cutting : Defects that are commonly checked for are clean cutting and correct positioning.

Folding/ Bindery : Before the printed sheets are folded or bound it is common to make and review a trimmed dummy of the finished piece. Defects that are commonly checked for are page order and alignment.

Our Assets

  • Programmable cutting machine
  • Cold lamination
  • Corrugation plant
  • Die cutting
  • Side glue box pasting
  • Thermal lamination

(We are looking forward for hot foiling and embossing machine)

In our binding unit we have :

  • Folding Machines

MBO , U.S.A, Shoi , JAPAN

Folding machines with upto 6 parallel and 3 cross folding capabilities.

  • Center-pinning-6 nos.
  • Section sewing machine  1nos.
  • Perfect Binders

(Muller Martini, Switzerland) - 1 nos.

5-clamp auto-perfect binders with online cover-creasing.

  • Polar three knife cutter-1 nos