Print Finishing Options

From basic four-color process printing, spot varnish or pantone spot color inks to embossing, metallic ink, die cut or foiling stamping, SK's print finishing options give your product that extra worth that will get them noticed by your potential customers, and that means increased sales.


Varnish comes in gloss, satin, and dull finishes. One interesting use of spot varnish is to put dull varnish on a 4 color image, giving it contrast against a gloss background. Or do the reverse: here we used gloss varnish to make the 4 color butterfly pop off the dull/matte paper. You can also add varnish to create a subtle rendering of images or larger text.


Embossing uses a specially-made die under high pressure to form a raised three-dimensional impression that allows you to literally feel the design. It is a graceful effect that brings a touch of class to your piece. Embossing can be used on its own or in combination with 4-color printing or foil stamping (as we did for the words "Special Printing Effects" below.) Learn more about using custom embossing options.


Special inks with a shine and luster s. metallic inks comes inSilver ,gold, blues, reds and coppers. Metallic inks are a brilliant way to highlight a logo or headline or a design.


Die cutting lets you create a limitless range of contours from unconventional corners to perfect circles to the outline of an image or logo. A die cut provides a tactile and visual edge to distinguish your piece.


A heated die fuses the foil onto the paper, bonding the design to the surface. Hot foil stamping adds shimmer and texture to highlight specific text or images. Gold, silver, and other metallic colors can be used, as well as clear and holographic foils. In this sample we have used a blue foil to accent the 4-color image.


A heated die fuses the foil onto the paper, bonding the design to the surface. The same area is then embossed with a die to create a raised three three-dimensional image. On the left, the words "Special Printing Effects" were gold foil stamped and then embossed to create the raised type.


Most of the marketing materials that we print for our customers fall into what I call the 'standard' fold types. Some of the standard paper folds that we do every day here include:

  • Half fold
  • Tri fold
  • Gate fold - open
  • Gate fold - closed
  • Z folds
  • Parallel fold
  • Accordion fold
  • Quarter fold
  • Half/Tri fold
  • Tri/Half fold