We give quality printing services to our customers. We ensure good quality printing in every job we do. Not only in printing but we ensure qood quality from our post press also. We are totally committed to quality service. QC team take care of quality check in our oraganisation which is taken place in various stages .

Quality check in pre-press : That all printing dots on aluminium plate are as per design.
Quality check in press : That all the colours printed are as per design.
All sheets are of same colour. There should not be any variation.
Quality check in post press :

  • No bubbling and rincles in lamination
  • Shine should be appropriate
  • Proper creasing
  • Proper die cutting as per sample and size

And there are many other parameter for quality check in our organisation . We in actual do not compromise in quality. We have our own quality standards to meet quality requirement of our customers as well as our potential customer.